The Fabric Project manufactures contract fabrics for upholstery applications.

Durafab upholstery fabrics have introduced new standards of performance for home and office furnishings. Durafab fabrics have the look and feel of natural fiber with the stylishness and durability that only synthetic fibers can achieve. Woven with continuous filament yarns made using new technologies, Durafab fabrics meet the high-performance requirements that professionals seek for contract applications.

Durafab  is the fabric of choice for all prestigious furnishings. The reasons are clear: The Fabric Project offers interior designers, architects, furniture manufacturers and the final consumer a highly desirable combination of properties. It offers excellent value in terms of fabric performance at a reasonable price, plus the architect and furniture manufacturer benefit while providing the buyer with a better product.

The Fabric Project is the market leader in contract fabrics in Pakistan since 1990.