• Extremely durable – excellent balance of strength, elasticity and abrasion resistance
  • Long-lasting – stands up well to normal use & abuse and maintains its shape better and longer
  • Colorfast – made from a special melt dyed yarn so the color will not crock, bleed or migrate. The colors remain fresh and vibrant longer
  • Soil and stain resistant – the fabric resists all water borne stains for example tea, coffee, juice, ketchup, milk, etc. The fabric is also resistant to most chemicals, a great advantage when fabric is used in factory and other industrial environments
  • Unaffected by rot and mildew – the fabric is not attacked by insects or fungus & mildew. It is mothproof and rot-proof
  • Dimensionally stable, wet or dry – finished and preshrunk
  • Easy to clean or wash – dirt and stains can be easily cleaned with household detergent and water or by wet vacuuming
  • Quick drying
  • Anti-pilling – no fuzzy balls from on the fabric – maintains its fresh look
  • Resistant to odors – the fabric simply will not retain smells like those from cigarette smoke, body odors, perspiration etc. – a highly desirable property for all upholstery applications
  • With UV protection
  • Non-allergenic – will not irritate sensitive skin

The Fabric Project can provide customized design solutions for your special projects. We can create special colors of standard line products, or create custom colors, textures and patterns to meet specified applications.

Custom orders are subject to specific minimums and special terms.